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Easter Coffee Bar

I love my bar cart!!! I use it year round as a decorating focal piece! I also happen to love coffee and with 4 kids I pretty much require it, so the coffee bar may be my BFF. Please don’t judge.

Here some pictures of how I decorated it last year. Most of the decor is from the Target Dollar spot and I love that I can add to it little by little.

I decided that my coffee bar needed some personalized coffee cups this year. I knew it would be an adorable addition and I can’t help it…I love all things personalized! All things. It’s just part of living in the south!

Once I made my first set I KNEW you, my sweet readers, needed to print your own! Gingham and bunnies girls!!!! Does it get any cuter? Not possible!

If you want to have the cutest cups around you can download the file here! All you need to do it cut along the line and use either a little bit of glue, glue dots, or double sided tape. Easy peasy!!!

It’s not to late to create a little coffee area for Easter lunch. You don’t have to have a bar cart to create an adorable drink station. Trays or even a cutting board can serve as the base for your your new entertaining addition. A few cute bowls, mason jars, or whatever you have on hand is perfect! And, your new cups, of course!

Cheers & Coffee,


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Crayon Fun

Am I the only mama who gets tired of finding broken crayons? I feel like our crayon box is overflowing with broken crayons but I hate throwing them out because it just feels was wasteful so…..we put all those crayons pieces together to make bunny butt crayons (it was Easter and I couldn’t resist)!

This was so fun and I can’t believe I haven’t done it before now! I grabbed as many crayons as I could find and removed all the paper. Bentley (6 yrs. old) started off helping me peel the paper but became quickly frustrated so I gave him another job while I peeled them.

Love all the colors!

Once they were done it was time for his favorite part….breaking the crayons! It’s important that the crayons are broken in small pieces so they melt evenly.

We placed the broken pieces in this adorable bunny butt mold we found at Micheals and melted them in a 250 degree oven for 12 minutes. I totally recommend placing the mold on a cookie sheet before placing them in the oven. Once the crayons had melted we allowed them to cool before removing our new crayons.

Next time I make them I will be sure to cut up the crayons even smaller!

My little guy was so excited to start his next masterpiece!

We loved the way all the colors blended together! And seriously, how cute are these?

These would make the cutest party favors! So many possibilities! Have you made your own crayons? I would love to know your tips!

Happy coloring,


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So Glad We are Peeps Printable

I just love Easter!!! Everything about it makes my heart so happy! It is another opportunity to remind those around us how loved and appreciated they are! I wanted to whip up a sweet treat with my kiddos so they could say thank you to the people in our lives who bless us in so may ways!

This took just a few minutes and a certain 6 yr old loved being mommy’s helper! Here is what you need:

I melted the candy melts according to the package directions and then it was time for the peeps to take a dip!

Once my little guy was coated I covered him in the happiest sprinkles I could find!

It is important to make sure they are completely dry before you bag them up! They are adorable just like this!

Once they were ready I bagged them up and printed and cut this super cute tag! Now they are ready to pass out to some of our sweet friends!

Want to save this for later? No problem! Go ahead a pin it!

Praying your Easter is blessed my sweet friends,


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DIY Inspired Rae Dunn Eggs

I love all things Rae Dunn. Like really love it. But let’s be real, it is hard to find it. Unless you can spend your days stalking your closest TJ Max it just isn’t gonna happen. So, when thinking of how I was going to decorate my bar cart for spring I knew I needed some fillers and what would be better than Rae Dunn inspired Easter eggs!

And can we say easy! You need 2 supplies! Wooden eggs (I got mine at Michaels) and vinyl cut in The Skinny font. You can download the font for free at Dafont.

Once your vinyl is cut using your favorite cutting machine you are ready to label your eggs! They are perfect to nestle in among your spring and Easter decorations. Now, where else can I put these sweet little eggs?

Praying your day is blessed!