Indoor Herb Garden

Can you see it? The sprawling garden, the spot in the corner full of fresh herbs, hydrangeas and gardenias in rows, roses climbing up lattice. Ahh, yes. I see it too… in my dreams. Back here in reality land, I’ve got my Indoor Herb Garden sitting on my counter. Or on my porch. Or even in my car on the way to the beach! Mmm, sipping fresh mint lemonade while lounging on the beach sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Just think of the endless possibilities that await you when you have your own herb garden! Pasta sauce with fresh basil, a beautiful drink garnished with a few mint sprigs, or the most delicious homemade salsa with fresh cilantro. An herb garden at your fingertips means new recipes and more family and friends gathered around your table!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Utensil caddy (I snagged mine at the Target Dollar Spot)

Favorite herbs (Lowes or your local nursery)

Rocks (for drainage)

Monogram (optional yet highly recommended!!!)

You might need: a drill, additional potting soil

PS: My favorite herbs to have on-hand are basil, mint, cilantro, and rosemary!

Indoor Herb Garden Step-by-Step Tutorial:

If you’ve got a monogram decal handy, go ahead and stick that front and center on the outside of your utensil caddy. Make sure the vinyl monogram is made with outdoor vinyl!

Fill the bottom of each section of your utensil caddy with rocks for drainage, or you may need to drill holes in the bottom for drainage. It depends on how your caddy is made. I used rocks!

Place the plants (in their biodegradable pots!) right into the caddy sections. You may want to fill with additional soil if the biodegradable herb pot is on the smaller side.

Make sure to water them, give them lots of sun, and tell them how pretty they are every day! I can’t wait to hear what yummy recipes you come up with now that you’ve got your own Indoor Herb Garden. Make sure to send me a picture of your project once it’s finished!





Patriotic Porch Makeover

Each year, we get the chance to show our patriotic side and bring out the red, white, and blue for all to see… Independence Day. Veterans Day. Memorial Day. EVERY DAY because we’re blessed to live in The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave.

So, in honor of our American pride and since July 4th is right around the corner, I give you the *patriotic porch makeover!* [Cue The Star-Spangled Banner and start waving your tiny American flags]

It’s no secret that I love to decorate and that I’m always looking for creative, budget-friendly ways to spruce up my space! I hope you’ll enjoy these easy, all-American decoration ideas to makeover your porch! Once you’ve got your porch perfectly placed (see what I did there?! Alliteration for the win!), send me a picture! I’d LOVE to see where your creative side took you. Side note: Don’t think you need to have a huge, sprawling front porch to decorate it! Whether you’ve got a big ole rocking chair front porch or a little stoop, own your space and get your decoratin’ on!

Here’s what you’ll need (and where to find it):

Patriotic door hanger or wreath

Star garland (Dollar Tree)

Small American flags (Dollar Tree or Target)

Patriotic picks (Michaels)

Uncle Sam Hat (Dollar Tree)

Patriotic Bow (Dollar Tree)

Mason Jars (Dollar General, Target, Michaels)

Small rocks (Michaels or your back yard)

Battery operated tea lights (Target, Michaels)

Patriotic Porch Makeover Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Wrap the star garland around your porch rails.

Stick the small American flags and patriotic picks into any plants (I have ferns) or flowers you’ve got on your porch. I like ferns or any green plants because they give you a nice POP of color while also keeping your background neutral!

Next, grab those mason jars and fill the bottom of them with rocks. Drop a tea candle in (make sure to turn them on at night for a nice glow!) and add a small American flag or two.

Here’s one of my favorite parts: cut the top and back off of your Uncle Sam hat and wrap it around the base of a plant or flower pot!

Add your patriotic bow to a lantern, bird house, or any other fun item you’ve already got on your porch or sitting around your house! You can even tie it to the end of a porch rail.

Lastly, hang up your wreath or door hanger for the final touch! Now… take a step back… sip your sweet tea… and look at that beautiful porch you just decorated!

I hope all of you enjoy this Memorial Day with your family and friends close by. Remember what it’s all about: the fateful sacrifice our service men and women made so that we could experience freedom like we do.

See you soon!



From Placemat to Clutch

First of all, let’s just go ahead and get this straight: you need a new clutch! Am I right?

Yes, I am.

Summer is right around the corner, which means you’ll be on the go more than ever. You’ll get invitations to graduation parties, pool parties, kids birthday parties, cookouts, weddings, beach weekends, and the list goes on! Not to mention, you’ve got to carry your famous chocolate pie to the party all while hauling your son’s hat, daughter’s shoes, two folding chairs, the borrowed heels you’re returning to your friend, AND your purse! (Wait… is that just me?!)

Enter: the placemat turned clutch. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a placemat clutch! I love clutches because they make you keep the contents of your bag down to the essentials all while freeing up an extra hand! And here’s the best part: you can make one yourself!

You ever been to Target? Don’t lie. I saw you there last week.

Target’s housewares are constantly calling my name, begging me to take them home and love them like my own. So naturally, when this tassel placemat literally jumped in my cart, I couldn’t say no. I am a huge fan of tassels and they’re wildly popular right now, but of course, if you aren’t a tassel girl, you can pick up any placemat that suits your fancy. These tassels do add a great dimension to the clutch when it’s finished, though!

Alright, gals. I know you can hardly contain your excitement, so here we go!

You will need:

  • A placemat
  • A sewing machine
  • Thread for said sewing machine
  • Scissors to trim thread

Step-by-step tutorial on how to create your very own clutch:

  1. Put the placemat upside down on your work surface.
  2. Fold the placemat in half.
  3. Stitch down each side of the placemat while making sure to angle the corners at the bottom









4. Fold your placemat inside out, and voila! You’ve got a beautiful clutch.

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

So, you’ve got your purse situation handled, but you might want to start working on that famous chocolate pie! (Wait… that’s still just me, isn’t it?)

Have a beautiful day, lovelies! I can’t wait to see your handmade placemat turned clutches!



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Outdoor Fun!

Ahhh spring! How I love you!!! Longer days, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and warm weather! I can’t get enough! I love being outside as a family on these beautiful nights and thought these ideas would make out time even more special!


Life size tic tac toe is always a hit! Sometimes we play on the grass and sometimes we draw lines with chalk on the driveway. You can make your own set super fast and super inexpensive. All you need is some string or chalk, letters (you can get these at a craft store of Walmart) and paint!

My little guy loves cars so we decided to build him his own road that he can move around the yard! Some wood scraps painted black with a yellow line and he was ready to play! Have your wood cut in all different lengths and sit back as you watch their imagination soar!



Who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt? It is one of those childhood memories that stick with you. Well, let’s take it to a whole new level. A glow in the dark hunt! Go grab your eggs from last years hunt and grab some battery operated tea lights from the dollar tree and let the hunt begin! This will become their new favorite tradition, I promise!

Here is to family fun and making sweet memories with those we love most!


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Target Dollar Spot Bunny Makeover

When I saw this wooden bunny in Target he jumped in my cart (along with a lot of other things we won’t tell the hubby about)! I knew I had to have him but didnt’ have a plan! Since I own a door hanger business I have my fair share of door décor so I knew putting him on a wreath wasn’t as option! So I busted out some paint and my drill and went to work! Here is what you will need to make your very own bunny décor:

*wooden bunny (or anything else that you love)

*a drill

*a dowel rod

*a wooden block (think scrap wood)


*piece of ribbon

*hot glue gun

The first thing I did was drill a hole in the bottom of the bunny being careful not to crack the little guy! I then drilled a hole in my wooden block as well. Then my favorite part, paint! I painted all 3 pieces and let them dry. I put a dab of hot glue on each end of the dowel rod to make sure they stayed in place and then put one end in the block and one end in the bunny. After I tied a sweet little bow I placed him on the mantle! The bright pop of color over my fireplace brightens up my whole family room! I just love the little guy!

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Simple and Sweet Pillows


Y’all I love pillows! Like really love them! So I was really excited when I got this burlap pillow cover and pillow wrap! If you have a cutting machine you can whip these out super fast! After I designed my image on my computer I put freezer paper glossy side down on my cutting mat. After it was cut I weeded out the image so I was just left with a stencil. Once I got the stencil placed just how I liked it I ironed it on which made it slightly adhere to the pillow. With a make-up sponge and acrylic paint I began to dab paint on the stencil. Once I had the coverage I wanted I removed the freezer paper and voila!! Cutest pillows ever! Don’t forget to place something inside your pillow so your paint doesn’t leak through to the other side! Can you imagine all the different pillows you could make?




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Super Simple Spring Wreath

Nothing says spring life bright cheerful colors! They make my heart super happy! And what better way to greet your guests than with a happy, colorful wreath! This wreath was a cinch to make! You will need the following:

*straw wreath

*straight pins

* fabric or ribbon cut into strips (I used fabric)

*silk flowers

*a word sign or a letter (this one is from target)

* hot glue gun

*piece of coordinating ribbon

Start by tacking a strip of fabric to your wreath with a pin. Continue this as you make your way wrapping the fabric around the whole wreath. Secure with a pin.  Hot glue your favorite silk flowers and a wooden word or letter. Cut a coordinating piece of ribbon and loop around wreath and knot on the end. There you have it! A super simple, super affordable, and super cute way to welcome all who come to your door!