Cookie Makeover

Mamas, you know that feeling of panic when you remember that you were suppose to bring something for a function and you totally forgot? I have been there too many times. We want to do all the things but sometimes we over commit ourselves or we are just overwhelmed with all that is on our […]

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Pool Noodle Birthday Candles

I LOVE celebrating my kids birthdays! I always have! I have the best memories of parties my mom threw for me and I knew it was something I wanted to continue for my own kids. This past week my sweet Savannah turned 12. I am not even really sure how that happened. Mamas, can you […]

Sweet Strawberry Pie

Strawberry picking is a yearly tradition and this year did not disappoint! The hard part about having four kids is making sure that everybody does NOT fill their bucket up to the top. I found this out the hard way one year when my total came to almost $50! So we had to institute a […]

It’s a Buffalo Plaid Easter

  Buffalo plaid is all the crafting rage so it was not even a question whether or not to try it on an Easter egg. Painters tape is what makes the magic happen so get out your craft paint, brushes and some tape and try the method we used in this Facebook live. Can’t wait […]